BushCraft 101 with Satori Crown: Cutting Tools

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

One of the most important tools in the survivalist kit should be a Cutting Tool.

Most survivalist agree with the 10 C's of survivalism and that a good cutting tool is essential for processing fire materials; fine carving tasks; skinning and processing game or fish; and to help create a fire by use as a striker for a ferrocerium rod, or hard stone.

After college I had a 5in blade that I kept on my belt buckle. I used it mostly in times of need and the only way someone could take it was if my pants went with. At the time I also kept a palm sized pocketknife. Losing and breaking my pocketknife so often, I realized that I should always have multiple tools of the same functionality. The reason for this is to ensure backup. So an axe, saw, knife, and pocket knife or multi-tools are always good to carry, and depending on the environment, a machete may replace the axe.

Realizing the importance of me to "get back to nature" I went out and bought multiple cutting tools that I used for varies landscaping tasks. Having 2 small children at home it was crucial for me to teach them safety.

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